Parents & their Trampy kids

I saw this article being tossed around on twitter today and HAD to share it with you. I’ll let the title speak for itself, but as always I have to add my piece. 🙂

There were times I wanted to strangle my parents for being strict with what I wore growing up, but I appreciate it so much more today. Yes, there were times I was out of style and wished I had been a little bit more “in,” but I’m neither scarred nor in therapy. 🙂 Instead I’m thankful that I learned to base my self-esteem not in my looks, getting attention from men (twice my age), or feeling sexy.

I love that I had a daddy who was protective of me and my wardrobe – even though there were times when we disagreed on what is/isn’t appropriate. And thankfully, I had a mom who modeled what “appropriate” was! I’m so grateful that my mom wasn’t trying to dress like a sexy teenager while I was going through my teen years. Yet somewhere along the line, I’ve seen family friends and church friends have children and allow their daughters to dress like prostitutes and mtv real-world wannabes.

LZ Granderson wrote THIS article and it was amazing, but here’s also what I would add:

Moms, quit trying to be your daughter’s bff (and living vicariously through her) and start being her mom. When she’s 20-something, a friendship will flourish and she’ll thank you for it. Until then… be her mom.  And dads, get protective. If you won’t stand up for your daughter, who will? If you aren’t setting the boundaries of self-respect for your daughter, who is? If you’re not helping her develop her self-esteem in the proper things, who is and what are they teaching her?

And for those of us who are Christians, let’s not pretend like we’re off the hook here and that it never happens in our circles. I’ve seen some pretty trampy 13 year olds in the churches I’ve attended and I’m appalled to see the photos that their parents are “liking” on facebook. Pictures of them in string bikini bottoms and push up tops are inappropriate at any age.  It isn’t “good clean fun” when minors are looking like porn stars on the internet. There’s nothing good or clean about it if I’m not comfortable having my husband look at their photos. Think about it, if people will pay money for magazines of ladies posing and dressed similarly to some of the photos I see on facebook, we’re allowing our daughters to be lusted after for free.

I’m getting off my soap box now… but seriously when a secular news outlet is verbalizing that it’s a problem, it’s time for action. Enjoy the article… it’s amazing.

Parents, don’t dress your girls like tramps. Check it out.



Today’s the day! My first day of Staycation Week! 🙂

In light of my days at work being numbered, I thought I would use some of my PTO to get some much needed writing done on an Independent Study that I must finish in the next few weeks. Seriously… LOTS of reading and writing HAVE to get done. Which means that I’m stationed at a Bruegger’s eating carbs, drinking coffee, and praying my papers will write themselves (I’m also blogging, surfing the web, online window shopping, did I mention blogging, and taking photos of myself with my mac??? don’t judge me… I’m the queen of procrastination see exhibit A).

exhibit A

Anyways, while I’m procrastinating I thought I would catch you up on the weekend. A few great things happened:

1. One of our friends was at the Gospel Coalition conference this past week, so we thought we’d have a welcome home party for him at the airport. Who doesn’t love a welcoming party at the airport?


I mean, who wouldn’t be surprised to see these happy faces waiting for them:

Airport reunions are the best!

2.  Friday we went to the State vs. UNC baseball game and watched the pack pull out a W! We had a great time with Ben’s parents, brother, & the Roarks. It was especially entertaining introducing Em and the boys to Mr. Wolf. It was awesome, if Mr. Wolf got within 10 feet of Em, she would let him know it was a little too close. Amazing. Needless to say we only got a pic of one of the Roark kiddos with the wolf:

The boys eyeing the wolf trying to figure out whether or not they want to hug him…

H. cozied up to him a bit… and by cozied I mean stood within a few feet of him. 🙂

3. Holy Tornado. I don’t know where yall were on Saturday… but if you were in N. Carolina you know that we had some serious weather issues. Needless to say my 20 mile run happened inside. I would fill you in on the details, but I’m in a positive mood. No need to relive the run from you know where. I will tell you that it involved getting started 2 hrs. later than I hoped, a tornado, a treadmill, electricity going out, running in the dark at a gym, and a borrowed Ipad, to watch movies, not working.  All that to say… I eventually finished my 20 miles… Praise God. I can only hope that race day holds better circumstances.

4. Baby Jacob was born! Our sweet friends, Chris and Marie (remember the baby shower we hosted a few weeks ago??), had a HUGE baby boy yesterday. He’s precious & we couldn’t be more happy for them!

Alright… I think that’s a good recap of the past few days! I do need to actually get some writing done… Must graduate. So I’ll leave you with this:

BYE!!!!! Much love!

2 weeks, 2 days, and $810 to go

Yall… this is crazy… I’m supposed to run 20 miles tomorrow. Yeah… I know. I feel like I’m in way OVER my head. Pray for me… 🙂

But that means race day is 2 weeks and 2 days away. I’m feeling a lot of emotions about this race… mainly anxiety. 🙂 But I’m hoping and praying for strength and endurance. I feel like tomorrow’s run is going to be a good indicator of how May 1st will go. But at the same time, not putting too much pressure on this one run. Bad running days happen, I’m just praying May 1st (& tomorrow) isn’t one of them.

I keep reminding myself that although I am running to finish, I’m running for something so much more precious than a finisher’s medal & bragging rights. I’m running for a village in Uganda. I am their runner, their representative, their advocate in my social circle. And together, with supporters and other Team SP members, we’re running for…

  • The construction of a well in each of five villages of the Kihuura sub county in Western Uganda
  • The establishment and training of 5 water user committees in the Kihuura area
  • The provision of access for more than 1,200 community members to safe clean drinking water
  • The provision of more than 2,000 community members with training in proper hygiene and sanitation
  • The growth of God’s church in Uganda.

I truly believe the “Every action, no matter how small, can bring about Change”  (Be the Virus, Samaritan’s Purse).  So thank you to the many of you who have donated! Whether your gift is $5 or $500, your action is part of a much larger movement that is bringing about positive, lasting change in a community.

We have $810 more dollars to make our goal of $3000. I believe we can do it! If you’re interested in making a financial donation CLICK HERE. If you’re interested in learning about Team Samaritan’s Purse, watch the video below:

ps. the top photo is a fav of me and my dad! He ran his first half in Nashville last spring and I was privileged to be able to run it with him! 🙂

Killing the over-planner

I’m a planner. I love calendars, long-term goals, short-term steps that correspond with long-term goals, and pretty pens/notebooks to write out these goals and steps. I like having a vision and tangible steps to make my dreams happen. In light of this slightly controlling personality trait of mine, a recurring lesson that I keep on not-learning is that I must learn to hold on to my plans loosely.

If I look at the past 8 years of my life my plans have changed almost quarterly. I never planned to attend Cedarville University and I sure as heck never intended on working for and graduating from a Southern Baptist seminary. I didn’t plan on getting married pre-28, and I wasn’t planning on staying in Raleigh for more than 2 years. I never expected to graduate from one master’s only to jump straight into another (one day, I WILL be done with school!). And although none of these things were in my original plan, I never expected to be so blessed in light of so many of my plans changing.

Now yes, I understand that there is a wisdom in planning. But it is evident in my life that I have a tight grip on my plans and it usually takes a sledgehammer to force me to let go.  slightly PROBLEMATIC.

Although I can look back on my life and see God’s sovereign hand, I still go kicking and screaming when I sense a current change in my plans. Even though I fully acknowledge that 12-18 months down the road I’m going to look back see His faithful hand, I still throw a hissy fit and organize a thorough argument on why an all-knowing God should understand that my plan is fool-proof, brilliant, and better than His. Why is that?! Am I crazy?!

Our college ministry at our church has been going through the book of James and I’m still chewing on the James 4: 13-17 sermon done a few weeks ago. Earlier in vs. 1 the passage it says,

“What causes quarrels and what causes fights among you? Is it not this, that your passions are at war within you?”

I have been feeling that internal quarrel for the past few months and am continuing to feel the tension between my desires and God’s desires for my life. What I’ve come to realize is that I start kicking and screaming when my passions and desires for my life become self-centered and a major priority. I see changes happening and rather than viewing them through a Gospel-centered framework, I filter them through a “is this what I want/planned” mindset.

Basically… it’s all about me and thus the root of this tension is that I’m a self-centered, controlling, sinner. Ugh. I hate admitting sin (which is probably symptomatic of another flaw in my fallen nature…)

So in light of that… I keep re-learning the same lesson, praying that each time my plans change, God will give me grace to become less attached to my ideals and more attached and dependent on Him. It’s a tough lesson… but maybe one day I’ll get it…


Any of you in the same boat, still wearing water wings, refusing to jump in the water??  No, just me? Well… I happen to like water wings, and it’s going to take some time for someone to rip them off of me and push me out of the boat… sigh. I make it so much more difficult than it needs to be.

Happy Thursday, Friday’s a comin’!

Adding Anna Carson

Over the next few weeks you’re going to hear me talk about Adding Anna Carson so I figured I should go ahead and introduce you to her now. 🙂 The sooner the better right?

My bride doula and a fav birthing doula, Marisa Dempsey, is adding to their already wonderful family. Seriously, the Dempsey family is ridiculous in the best of ways and I’m thrilled that they want to add a baby girl to their family through adoption! Honestly, I can’t think of a better family to adopt. They’re amazing people who are not only solid, but they’re probably some of the most crazy fun folks I know.

If you know me, you know that adoption holds a special place in my heart so I’m THRILLED to support Adding Anna Carson as MUCH as possible. Soooo, as soon as I saw that Marissa was selling homemade goods to raise funds for the adoption, me and my sewing machine were ready to jump on board. And you know what that means…

A trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics!!!! (yes yes yes yes YES!)

So after work last night, I took the long way home and stopped by Jo-Ann’s. I’m ashamed to post a pic of all the pretty fabrics I bought… but you’ll see them soon enough in sewing projects for Anna Carson. I did happen to buy some interfacing (finally), pretty satin, and a zipper so I could finish I purse I’ve been working on… AND… VOILA!

It’s a purse!!! An actual purse! That holds stuff (like my 50 lip glosses). With pretty lining and a zip pocket! Needless to say, I am pretty excited about it and I may or may not have run around my apartment modeling my purse for the Mister.

It was a really fun project because it was my first try at bags, so I made thousands a few mistakes, had to take seams out, re-sew on a few items, did things backwards… but still… at the end of the day… a purse was born.

Anyways… after I get those nursing covers and a few baby blankets made for Adding Anna Carson, I’m thinking about playing in the bag world. We’ll see!

Happy Wednesday to you all!

ps. Yes I also purchased one of these at 40% off at Jo-Ann’s so I could finally organize all of my sewing tools that have been in a plastic grocery bag these past few months. 🙂

Much love – B

Hello World

It has been an amazing whirlwind weekend.  Friday and Saturday were great, but Sunday stole the show!

I woke up at 6:00am to a phone call from my mom saying that my sister-in-law, Krista, was in labor… My first reaction,  “WHAT?!?!?! She isn’t due till May 7th!?!?!” CRAZY. Soooooo… I got ready, ran to church, talked with Ben, high fived the Roark clan, & then hopped in my car and headed to Tennessee to see Nephew #2 be born.

BUT… not only is Nephew #2 an early bird, he’s also a fast little guy. Evidently it only took 3 good pushes to pop him out! Before I even reached the interstate, the little guy had made his debut into the world.

Seriously y’all, I booked it to TN. I don’t think a trip has ever gone SO quickly! It was SOOOOOO good to be able to be with family during such a special time. The little man weighed 5 lb.s 11 oz. and we still don’t have his height quite yet. They had to put him in the NICU for some minor breathing complications so we had to scrub in to see him. He was so sweet with his little tubes and heart monitor – broke my heart! We were all so very thankful for a healthy baby boy!!!  Here are a few photos of the day, sorry some of them have poor lighting and for the multitudes of photos (i’m a proud aunt… don’t judge me). Needless to say, they keep the lighting dim in the NICU and a flash is obviously not appropriate. 🙂 Enjoy!

Me and Pam (Krissy’s ma) scrubbing in to see the little man.

Sweet little guy being held by his mamma for the first time!

Shows how big lil’ guy is in comparison to Daddy’s hand.

Mitch & Bubba looking after little man!

Seriously… how cute is he???

And isn’t Nephew #1 the world’s cutest big brother????

Ok I’ll stop being THAT aunt now… but for real… I love my nephews!

Much love – Crazy Aunt B

Allison’s Cookies

Ok folks it’s friday…


This pic has nothing to do with this post… but I found it today and was dying laughing. Plus I feel like it accurately represents my feelings on it being FRIDAY!!!!!!! I do hope that your friday is full of many of the emotions captured in this picture… hehehe 🙂

Ok… back to the purpose of this post.

It’s Friday. Fridays are fun. You know what else is fun (other than that photo up there?)… cookies. Specifically Allison’s Cookies.

I don’t know if it’s possible to rightly articulate how much I love these cookies, but I’m going to try.

The thing about my relationship with sugar cookies is that before eating Allison’s Cookies I wasn’t a HUGE fan. I mean, I’d eat ’em but it wasn’t anything I’d crave. After trying Allison’s Cookies, I’m hooked. These cookies aren’t only delicious, but they’re gorgeous (and affordable)!

Allison made these sugar cookies for a baby shower we threw a few weeks ago and they were a HUGE hit. Seriously, I was hoping to take home the leftovers but sadly all that was left on my platter were tiny little crumbs (and yes, maybe I did lick the plates for crumbs… don’t judge).

But seriously, you should go to her website and see all of the different shapes and designs she has. My favorite is for the wedding and lingerie showers. 🙂  But I also think the Shamrock’s and the Sports ones are AMAZING.

All that to say… It’s Friday, you deserve a treat and this is definitely a treat you’ll thank me for later!

Visit Allison’s Cookies and have a Happy Friday!