Staycation Over.

I’m sorry. I know… I’ve been a bad blogger this past weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorry for the absence. BUT as a result… here is a jammed pack crazy review of the past few days and the staycation.

First thing you should know… I wrote LOTS of papers… Which means (drum roll) I am DONE with all of my seminary papers. BOOYAH. May 18th can’t come soon enough.

Second, I learned how to make Strawberry jam from my Mil (mother-in-law) during our hiatus to Rose Hill. If you know me… you know that strawberries might be on my top 5 fav. things in this world, so this was a really good thing. I thought it was going to be really complicated, but it wasn’t nearly as crazy of an event as I thought it would be.

(sorry for the pic quality… taken from my phone… not as great as my camera… I know)

the jam cooking

and then we returned to Raleigh, I used some extra fabric and made a few of these:

Cute eh?

Then we had a wedding this weekend that was pretty much a high school reunion for the Mister. I think my fav. thing about weddings from his home town is that it’s guaranteed family time with the Salmon crew… and what a crazy crew they are! I know not everyone adores their in-laws like I do… so I am TRULY blessed.

And then last night (I told you we had a lot of catching up to do…) we went and grabbed some Froyo with some of my fav’s. With all of the “adults” plus all the kiddos, I think we took over yogurt mountain’s patio area. Folks didn’t know what hit them. Here are some of my fav photos from the evening.

First things first: the Watermelon Sorbet is fantastic. I tried it skeptically and am now addicted. Add fresh fruit and sour gummy worms and it is to die for. Seriously, go get you some.

Disclaimer: Some of my friends’ kids are so stinkin’ cute. I couldn’t help but keep snapping shots of them. So sorry about the surplus of kiddy photos, but seriously how can you not love these faces. ๐Ÿ™‚

This cutie kept asking me to take photos of her, YES. Yes I will, gladly.

The Mister with sweet Em. I love this photo!

I love the little leaf on her dress!

Caption, “Taylor, what are you doing to my baby?” I kinda love these ladies.

Sweet Eve!

I also love this one of Callie and her girls.

Ok… now that I’ve just overwhelmed you with lots of photos… (SORRY! I just couldn’t help myself!) I must go…

Oh one more thing… I also sewed a lot but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see all the fun little goodies that were made for Adding Anna Carson.

Much love!


4 thoughts on “Staycation Over.

  1. That next to last picture is my favorite….hmmmmm, wondering why! When I saw “Froyo”—I KNEW Caitlin and Carson had to be there—they are all about some froyo…oh, and Joshua had your EXACT order except he substituted gummies for fresh fruit—sour worms, watermelon & gummies—that’s the JNelly order—just fyi.

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