Parents & their Trampy kids

I saw this article being tossed around on twitter today and HAD to share it with you. I’ll let the title speak for itself, but as always I have to add my piece. 🙂

There were times I wanted to strangle my parents for being strict with what I wore growing up, but I appreciate it so much more today. Yes, there were times I was out of style and wished I had been a little bit more “in,” but I’m neither scarred nor in therapy. 🙂 Instead I’m thankful that I learned to base my self-esteem not in my looks, getting attention from men (twice my age), or feeling sexy.

I love that I had a daddy who was protective of me and my wardrobe – even though there were times when we disagreed on what is/isn’t appropriate. And thankfully, I had a mom who modeled what “appropriate” was! I’m so grateful that my mom wasn’t trying to dress like a sexy teenager while I was going through my teen years. Yet somewhere along the line, I’ve seen family friends and church friends have children and allow their daughters to dress like prostitutes and mtv real-world wannabes.

LZ Granderson wrote THIS article and it was amazing, but here’s also what I would add:

Moms, quit trying to be your daughter’s bff (and living vicariously through her) and start being her mom. When she’s 20-something, a friendship will flourish and she’ll thank you for it. Until then… be her mom.  And dads, get protective. If you won’t stand up for your daughter, who will? If you aren’t setting the boundaries of self-respect for your daughter, who is? If you’re not helping her develop her self-esteem in the proper things, who is and what are they teaching her?

And for those of us who are Christians, let’s not pretend like we’re off the hook here and that it never happens in our circles. I’ve seen some pretty trampy 13 year olds in the churches I’ve attended and I’m appalled to see the photos that their parents are “liking” on facebook. Pictures of them in string bikini bottoms and push up tops are inappropriate at any age.  It isn’t “good clean fun” when minors are looking like porn stars on the internet. There’s nothing good or clean about it if I’m not comfortable having my husband look at their photos. Think about it, if people will pay money for magazines of ladies posing and dressed similarly to some of the photos I see on facebook, we’re allowing our daughters to be lusted after for free.

I’m getting off my soap box now… but seriously when a secular news outlet is verbalizing that it’s a problem, it’s time for action. Enjoy the article… it’s amazing.

Parents, don’t dress your girls like tramps. Check it out.


3 thoughts on “Parents & their Trampy kids

  1. Thank you for posting this!! This is exactly how I feel about how younger women should dress and how moms need to model what is appropriate for them. My mom did that for me and I will be forever grateful!

  2. Sooo, I’ve meant to comment on the past four posts or so, so let’s see if I can get all that I wanted to say into one comment:

    I was really waiting for the pregnancy-announcement at the end of the over-planner post (I know what it’s like to have something like *ahem* THAT completely change life’s plans), I’m so excited that your marathon is so stinkin’ soon (Go Team SP!), no fun that you have to work on your staycation, but I hope you work well under pressure and lastly, I REALLY loved this article, especially coming from a non-Christian stand-point. I also grew up under strict rules, but I’m quite alright today. 🙂

    Okay, I think that’s all! Congrats on the 20 miler on the TREADMILL. Seriously impressive. Longest I’ve ever lasted was 16 and I wanted to punch something afterwards, despite being distracted with Gilmore girls.

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