Strawberry + Spinach = love

Thanks for all of the new music suggestions – seriously… THANK YOU. It was time for a playlist change.

People, something life changing happened to me in the grocery store about a week ago:

It was on sale for $1.50 the other day so I thought I’d give it a try. A few things you should know about me (1) I have a sick obsession with strawberries and blueberries. (2) I LOVE a good salad.  So I bought this salad kit a bit skeptical… but boy was I wrong. First off, you can’t get a fresh bag of spinach for $1.50. Second, the strawberry vinaigrette is amazing. And thirdly and the most surprising thing was that the dried strawberries actually tasted good. Yes, I did happen to put some chicken and blueberries on top to add to it, BUT what a great & easy meal.

For some of you… this is definitely not blog-worthy… but if you’re like me and could live off of these things… You’ll thank me later. Go to the store and get one today.

On a more serious note… Tonight is small group. Thursdays are now my fav. days because I get to see all of these really great people… REALLY great. So, Happy Thursday! Go buy a salad.


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