A Playlist Makeover

Ok folks, I need your help.

My marathon playlist is approximately 18 months old and the majority of the music on it is at least 5 years old+. My playlist desperately needs a makeover.

As much as I do love Destiny’s Child’s Survivor remix & some Will Smith, I think it’s time to update. I’m finding myself running and hitting the skip button WAY TOO OFTEN. In fact yesterday I almost ran into one of those huge UGLY birds – you know… the ones that sit in the middle of the path looking like they’re going to bite you if you dare run on their path – all due to me trying to skip a song.

So in order to avoid future injury, I have an Itunes gift card and am wanting to purchase a few songs that are excellent to run to. That’s where you come in.

I need your help… My playlist needs a makeover and it needs one badly.

What are your fav. songs to run to/jam to/drive to/etc.?

Much love!


8 thoughts on “A Playlist Makeover

  1. I have some W KY Southern Gospel Favorites. You know, God inspired 4 part harmony with those crescendo endings. How about the “Little Cyprus Boys?”

  2. I get really energized when I listen to “Good Morning, Baltimore!” from Hairspray, but I’m not sure if that’s the genre you are going for. I really like Lady GaGa’s new song!

  3. okay i think one semi-new one that is great for exercise is ‘magic in me’ by BOB. sometimes what i do is youtube one fun song and then a lot of similar stuff will pop out on the side… also the dance beat is coming “back” in style so you could just listen to g105 for a few days to get some ideas.

  4. Raise Your Glass – PINK
    Forget You – Glee
    Umbrella/Singin in the Rain – Glee
    Only Just a Dream – Nelly

    I could go on…let me know if you want more suggestions!

  5. ummmm–well, I’m old, but this could be new to you—Earth Wind & Fire has A.Maz.ing. music to exercise to—and Ben would love dancing to it, too—I have the whole Greatest Hits collection and I’d be happy to share—BUT, like I said, I’m old 😀

  6. shawty got moves from the step up 3d soundtrack
    show me the money from the first step up
    Low by Flo Rida
    Tik Tok by Kesha
    We R who we R by Kesha
    What the Hell by Avril Lavigne
    Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas
    Fantasy remix featuring ODB by Mariah Carey
    Beggin by Madcon
    Pokerface by Lady Gaga

    and of course.. BABY by Justin bieber haha

    those are my recent additions… I also still have The Way you Make me feel by Michael Jackson, Hips dont lie by shakira, and Shackles by Mary Mary.

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