Sugar Cookie Disaster

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought I would make my office some beautiful, YUMMY sugar cookies. Key word in that sentence: THOUGHT.

I have a sweet friend, Allison, who makes these FABULOUS sugar cookies. Seriously the prettiest sugar cookies I’ve ever seen. She could totally open up a cookie shop and could make billions – not even kidding, her cookies are so good-looking. I’m thinking that TLC would probably want to do a show on her if they had one… seriously. So after seeing her beautiful masterpieces I thought to myself, “Brittany, you could make these for your work friends for Valentine’s Day!” Oh, how wrong was I.

Allison graciously shared her recipe and tools with me, so Sunday afternoon I thought I would tackle the project. I made the cookie dough the afternoon before and allowed it to chill overnight and from the looks of the dough – everything was looking good. Ben, who usually doesn’t LOVE desserts, was licking the bowl…(photos taken with phone… sorry for poor quality).

So it was looking good, I was feeling confident, AND THEN… I had to tackle icing the cookies. Y’all, I cannot tell you the things I was yelling from my kitchen while attempting to make these cookies pretty.  Needless to say, Ben came in a couple of times (completely shocked at the amount of flour and sugar I had all over the kitchen and my face) and offered his cookie decorating expertise and I politely asked him to leave the kitchen immediately – to which he did so chuckling.

I did not take a picture of the final product due to serious embarrassment. These cookies may or may not have looked like they were decorated by a 5 year old, but at least they tasted ok. Despite my embarrassment, I did bring them to work on Monday and they were all eaten… so that’s the good thing. The bad thing is that if Allison ever decides to open up a bakery I’ll never get hired.

Anyways, the Not-So-Crafty-Salmon (thanks Kathleen for the inspiration there) definitely failed in the kitchen this week. No worries… next time I’ll get over my pride and document the final product and share it with you.

Happy Wednesday. You’re halfway to Friday…


5 thoughts on “Sugar Cookie Disaster

  1. Hilarious!!

    Ok, so next time we will work as a team. No talking when we should be baking! (Although I loved that more.)

    And if I ever do open up a Cookie Shop, you will be the Baker and Cutter Extraordinaire.

    And Ben can organize our receipts.

  2. Girl, I would so take a sugar cookie right now and wouldn’t give a hoot about what it looked like. Sadly, the healthy girl in me left all my snacks at home, thinking I wouldn’t be able to eat them at work if I didn’t have them. Turns out I was right — unfortunately.

    And practice makes perfect! Guess you’ll just have to make some more. 🙂

  3. The icing is SERIOUSLY HARD—I always see “martha’s” cookies and think, ‘I can do that’—but then I remember that she has a host of bakers doing all the work—AND Photoshop! oh and giggle, giggle at the shout out!!

  4. I laughed out loud when reading about the sugar cookies, because I hate to tell you this….but the apple don’t fall far from the tree! 🙂 I have never been able to ice cookies beautifully. They always taste great, but the looks….well, I think it sounds like you are your mother’s daughter! Love you.

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