The Civil Wars & Happy Baby

Only a few random things today yall.

1.) No, I’m not preggers – yes, I knew that the title might getchya.

2.) Yall… My world has been rocked this week. I kid you not… I’ve found this band The Civil Wars and I can’t get enough.

Seriously, I heard them… I downloaded their CD… and I can NOT stop listening to them.

Seriously. Listen to them. Love them.

3.) Happy Baby… I don’t know what’s happened in the last few months, but evidently I’m getting in touch with  my long lost, completely buried, creative side. I may or may not have been yelling at Ben the other night, “Martha Stewart eat your heart out!” and other various crafty trash talk.

I’m in the middle of constructing a fun little banner for a Couple’s Cookout/Baby Shower we’re having for a few of our pregnant friends. I still have to add ribbon/string to hang it and attach the letters to the squares, but it’s a start. Wanted to give you a little sneak peak…

Ok I think that’s all for now… Oh… and Happy Thursday (Friday’s a comin’!)


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