A weekend Getaway

So this past weekend I slipped away from work for a few days and visited Jules, a dear friend of the Salmon’s and now I like to think of her as a dear friend of mine! We had SUCH a great time.

I feel like we did a weeks worth of sightseeing in 2 days. It was amazing! We saw the Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia, the Basilica Cistern (Ali’s season of the Bachelorette they visited there!), the Grand Bazaar (sorry Hubby, I did some serious shopping), visited a Hamam (a turkish bath where 50+ year old Turkish women scrub you down and bathe you… Never been so clean in my life! seriously, we need these in the States), and I was also able to meet and visit with some of Jules’ friends.

It was such a refreshing weekend! I couldn’t have asked for a better getaway. I’ll write more about it later, but for now I wanted to share a few pics with you. Yes I forgot my camera, but thankfully Jules brought hers and allowed me to use it!

Much Love – Brittany


One thought on “A weekend Getaway

  1. amazing photos! sounds like one fantastic getaway!

    how’s training going, by the way? I have a marathon itch like no other that clearly can’t be scratched, so I’ll live vicariously through those of you who can and are training for one… 🙂

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