Life Stage Films Best of 2010

Ok folks, Life Stage Films is hosting a contest for it’s Best of 2010. If you haven’t seen their work, you’re going to want to check out their awesome videos. They definitely are NOT your average videographers… phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal. Check out their videos below.

So the Salmon wedding video is in the running for the Best of 2010 and the winner gets a $300 gift card to IKEA. If you know me & Ben, you know that we love IKEA. So we’re asking all of our friends to check out the videos below and VOTE for us (especially for the fav./best film of 2010 category!).

Here are the ten films that are all in the running for the Best Film Awards.
All films can be watched by clicking on the names below.  And you can VOTE BY CLICKING HERE.

Sarah & Nate
Brooke & Chris
Penny & Aric
Kelly & Jeremy
Elana & Eric
Leigh & Derrick
Mary Blake & Raymond
Ben & Brittany
Angela & BC
Shon & Juliet

Much love & Happy Voting!


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