Hello WordPress World

Hello WordPress World,

Welcome to the rantings of my extremely average, incredibly awkward, mildly entertaining life.

This will be where I update you on our journeys while we’re in the US finishing grad school & figuring out life. This blog will serve as an outlet for my thoughts, keeping up with Team Samaritan’s Purse, and promotion of other blogs/websites that I love.

In short: I love life and wanted to share a glimpse of mine with you, especially those of you that are far away but near to my heart.

Previous posts: Secret is out, I had another blog at one time… then I got engaged and it died. Sorry. BUT, since I’m running for Samaritan’s Purse again I wanted to include you on the emotional and physical thought processes I went through. So feel free to read through my 2009 “running” blog entries.

Much love to you all!



2 thoughts on “Hello WordPress World

  1. K, so this is probably hardcore stalking but I just had to say that your wedding pictures are absolutely breathtaking! Just from the pictures, it is so obvious to see how full of joy, love, and excitement your wedding was. Hope your marriage is filled with that and even more! :]

    {Oh and I’m super excited that you’re running for Team SP again!! I want to dearly, but will have to wait a while until marathon no. 2…}

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